Towards Reproducibility and Objective Performance Evaluation in Robotics and AI

    Part I - Examples of Good Practices in Reproducibility and Benchmarking

    Presenter: Fabio Bonsignorio
    Title: The R-Article process in IEEE R&A Magazine. Where we are. Call for submissions!

    Presenter: Dikai Liu
    Title: Special issues in special TC domains
    Presenter: Holger Caesar
    Title: NuScenes - A large scale datasets for Self-driving cars perception and prediction benchmarking
    Presenter: Signe Redfieldr
    Title: Shared representations for Reproducible Robotics
    Presenter: Stefano Carpin
    Title: Our R-Article: Issues, opportunities and lesson learned
    Presenter: Luca Carlone
    Title: Benchmarking and Reproducibility in Robotics Perceptions
    Presenter: Jorge Dias
    Title: Benchmarking and Assessment In Robotics Acting in Dynamic Environments Facts and Figures from MBZ International Robotic Challenge

    Part II: Reproducible Research in Robotics and AI

    Presenter: Angela Faragasso
    Title: Reproducibility and Benchmarking in Robotics for Healthcare and Nuclear Decommissioning
    Presenter: Francesco Amigoni
    Title: Experiments, tests, and benchmarks in robotics: a demarcation is possible
    Presenter: Andrea Censi
    Title: The AI Driving Olympics & Duckietown approach to robotics reproducibility
    Presenters: Andrea Censi and Jacopo Tani
    Title: Remote demo of AI Driving Olympics evaluation (ETH Zurich)
    Presenters: Enrica Zereik and Angelo Odetti
    Title: Experience of Reproducible Robotics on the H2Arm an open source hw platform - Live from the Lab
    Presenter: Joelle Pineau
    Title: Reproducibility of Research in Machine Learning and AI
    Presenter: Peter Kazanzides
    Title: Shared research platform and standards for sharing of data in surgical robotics

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