How can automation contribute to a livable and sustainable society in the future?

May 30, 2023
South Gallery Rooms 25/26


The future of all operations is automation. Thanks to advanced robotics systems, A.I., machine learning and virtual reality, today everything can be automated, localized, virtualized, and simplified. Advanced engineered systems made significant improvements in safety, simplification of routine tasks and higher productivity level. However, there are many other fields in which automation can be of great impact. In the next years we will experience the introduction of more automated system in our society, from autonomous cars to healthcare. The aim of this forum is to bring together people from academia and industry to elaborate the vision of automation of the future. Given the wide range of applications that are and can potentially benefit from automation, this forum will be of great interest for all the robotics community.


This forum is a prospective vision of the future of our society in the 2035~2050. Especially considering the limited resources of our planet like water and food. How much automation there will be? Will we commute in flying cars? Will companion robots take care of elderly? Will we have autonomous construction systems building cities in the space? Will society accept the introduction of autonomous system in everyday live? What and how can automation contribute to a prosperous and healthy future of such a society? We will outlook the future of automation in the coming years.

Topics of interest

The forum will focus on, but is not limited to, the following topics, always considering robotics and automation and its contribution to our future society:
• Automation in healthcare, agriculture and smart buildings
• Collaborative Robots and automation of the future in logistics and manufacturing including semiconductor industry and nuclear facilities
• Human-centered automation
• Automation of automation (automated engineering of automation and robotics)
• Performance evaluation & benchmarking of robotic and automation systems
• Sustainability
• Cloud computing