Human-Aiding Robotics

open issues and future direction.

October 5th , 2018


Robotic technologies have been steadily gaining capability over the last decade and their use has been expanded from manufacturing to rescue, military operations, assistance. Their integration in our daily life is constantly increasing. The advent of robotics has not only improved the quality and efficiency of many activities through powerful automation and mechanisation of menial jobs, but has also made it possible to accomplish tasks which were not possible before. Robotics is a multidisciplinary and emerging discipline which aims to help humans in solving complex problems and facilitate a higher quality of life for everyone. However, despite all the research effort and the advanced technologies, many of the developed solutions are not used in real scenarios.

This workshop aims to involve different areas of robotics, which aim to meliorate the quality of human lives by employing the use of robots. The workshop will explore the latest technologies in a multidisciplinary fashion to underline the reasons which are preventing the use of those sophisticate solutions in real applications. There are many challenges related to complexity and cost which limit widespread adoption and utilisation of the developed systems. Moreover, the use of fully autonomous systems able to operate without human intervention, thanks to the ability of learning and adaptation, leads to legal, social and ethical issues. Are collaborative systems, in which humans and robots coexist and execute the tasks together, the real solution to this problem?

Half-day Workshop at IROS2018