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Welcome to Arai's Homepage.
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Professor Tamio ARAI graduated The Univ. of Tokyo in 1970 and obtained Dr. of Engineering from the same university. He has been a professor in Dept. of Precision Engineering since 1987 and was the director of Research into Artifacts, Center for Engineering, in The Univ. of Tokyo from 2000 to 2005.

His specialties are assembly, robotics and multi-agent systems: graspless assembly, multiple mobile robots including legged robot league of RoboCup and Holonic Manufacturing System. He is a member of CIRP, IEEE/RAS, RSJ, JSPE, Honorary President of JAAA, and Co-Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Robotics and Autonomous Systems.

When you get two views on me, you may recognize me.
My portrait in 1999 My portrait with AIBO in 2005
my portrait in 1999
my portrait with AIBO
in 2005

Research fields

My research speciality consists of Robotic, Distributed Autonomous Systems, and Production Engineering.
Our team, ARAIBO (Advance Robotics with Artificial Intelligence for Ball Operation), have joined RoboCup four-legged robot league since 1999. Assembly is my start point of research work. I have proposed Service Engineering in RACE since 2001.

The current research subjects are as follows:
(I am very sorry that almost all are connected to homepages in Japanese.)
    SEFORUM Service Engineering: CAD system for service, Service Explore. Service Engineering is a novel engineering for sustainable society.
Skills of peg-in-hole Skills in Production: "KAN" and "KOTSU" can be extracted from programs in production.
RoboCup using AIBO RoboCup: We joined RoboCup four-legged league. AIBOs by SONY are players. Out team name is ARAIBO.
Robots for Human Support Robotics for Human Support: Robot technology must be applied to nursing.

Our results of research are published in CIRP, RSJ(Robotic Society of Japan), JSPE(Japan Society for Precision Engineering), JSME(Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers), IEEE Transaction of Robots and Automation, Journal of Robotics and Autonomous Systems and so on

My portrait in Afghan vest in 1969 My portrait in 1994
my portrait in Afghan vest in 1969
photograph by Mr. Akira INOUE
my portrait in 1994

Keywords: Robot Mobile Multiple Cooperation Coordination Service Robots Home Robots Assembly Automatic assembly Insertion Peg-and-Hole Peg-in-Hole Production Manufacturing Holon Holonic System Plug-and-Produce Cleaning Sweeping Planning Local Communication Group Force control Compliance control Handling Manipulation Graspless manipulation Releasing Release Pivoting Tumbling Transportation Feeding Crane Metamorphic Material Handling System MMHS IMS Service Engineering SEFORUM

I stayed in Edinburgh from 79 to 81 at Dept of Artificial Intelligence. Edinburgh is a beautiful city.
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